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Let’s take your eLearning games up a notch by helping you edit your feedback in the Lectora GameShow template. There are two main things you will learn in this tutorial. First, I’ll  teach you how to change the feedback for game questions. Second, I will teach you how to change the feedback for an entire eLearning game. Before you begin, we recommend you watch Part 1 first.

How to Change Feedback for One Question in Lectora

The way you change the feedback is a little different than what you think. Under the Action tab > Title Explorer, you will see the way to change it is in the action group Column A – Row 1_Feedback. So, instead of changing the A1_Feedback, go one group lower, SET_FEEDBACK_TEXT. Here you will find the action group is editable, but do not add the text to the slide text box. However, instead change the text under the action tab.

Tip: Don’t add too much text to your feedback in the action tab. Sometimes the text can look a little big. Don’t worry, reduce the font size a little until it looks right.

How to Change Feedback for the Entire Course

You can also change the feedback in the entire course. You can do this by going to the “Done” group at the bottom of your title explorer > Percent > Change_”IF”_forPassPercent. When Change_”IF”_forPassPercent group is highlighted, click on the “If Conditions” tab. Now, a “Set Action Conditions” window will pull up to choose the desired percentage needed for you learner to finish the course.

Tip: If you change the percentage, make sure to change the text feedback for the entire game.

Video on How to Change Feedback in Lectora (Part 2)

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