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At eLearning Brothers, our goal is to help you create eLearning Awesomeness! We do this by providing you with the broadest and deepest eLearning Template and asset libraries on the planet. We feel that we are achieving this goal and will continue to push forward with more awesomeness. To help with this amazing growth of our library offerings, we’ve developed an entirely new platform. Check out the enhancements below.



New Front-End User Experience

  • Navigation Links: Notice that each link at the top navigation is now organized by library product. Note: You’ll only be able to download assets from the libraries you are subscribed to.
  • New Library Products: We’ve added two new products, PowerPoint Graphic Library and the Common Craft Library.
  • New URL: We’ve changed the library URL to now be Library.eLearningBrothers.com. Note: we’ve redirected the previously used URL to point to the new one.
  • Search: We’ve reengineered our search to be driven by library product. You can now search for specific items within a particular library.
  • Recent Uploads: We’ve added a recent uploads section to the home page of the Library. Each library product has a section featuring “most recently added” and “most popular”.

Back-End Enhancements

The enhancements made to the back-end are made to help you manage your account. Watch the tutorials below to learn how to perform some popular tasks.

Learn how to update your profile and password

Learn how to assign subscriptions to other users

Learn how to purchase/renew subscriptions

Learn how to add another user to your account

Learn how to print a receipt

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