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Here at eLearning Brothers, we believe in innovation — to the same degree Nintendo did. And just like Nintendo we’re taking a 90s’ twist on technology…  because digress is the new progress! Step aside Mp3’s – Move over Png’s – No more are .jpg, .fx, .xml, or .eps! That’s right! You spoke, we listened. You asked, we answered.

Elearning Brothers now introduces to the eLearning world a full library of games and text document templates for your PDA’s. But these games and text documents aren’t any ordinary template, they can be used across all mobile platforms from 1988-1999. This means you can use our eLearning games in all their glory on your Palm Pilot  or Blackberry.


So bust out your bucket hats, pop on your pooka shells, strap on your overalls, prep your pagers, and get ready for the all too familiar swoosh sound that your favorite pair of whale chords made. Now you can really become a 90’s eLearning Rockstar.

Go get ’em Garth!

(Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson. Edited)

eLearning Brothers — Innovation at its best!

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