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Visual Design

Our good friend, Connie Malamed of theelearningcoach.com, has recently put out a wonderful graphic design guide specifically for eLearning professionals. Putting aside our preexisting mutual respect of her work, we’re genuinely very thankful to Connie for allowing us to personally contribute several images from our template library to illustrate some of the principles she covers.

Visual Design Solutions is a wonderful resource for any graphic designer, but it’s main strength comes from specialization. While most design and style guides tend to look to a broader audience, Connie’s book is geared specifically toward eLearning professionals, which allows for more relevant information that is laser-focused to the type of design this industry works to perfect.

Connie points out that clear communication should be the main objective of eLearning design, and she definitely practices what she preaches in Visual Design Solutions. Each lesson is written in a straightforward and descriptive manner, effectively teaching you how to teach.

The book is also platform and software neutral. While she doesn’t try to sell you on any particular system, Connie will take the time to explain the comparative merits of a variety of different products and tools that will make your life as an eLearning designer that much easier.

Covering all things from color and typography to the software and file types that eLearning experts interact with on a daily basis, Connie truly delivers the goods with this one.

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