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eLearning Blogs (Other Than Us) You Should Read


We try not to be greedy here at eLearning Brothers. We want you to read our eLearning blog, of course, and we work hard to serve up useful content for you. But we understand if you want a second perspective now and then. So we wanted to share a few other eLearning blogs that we think are great too!


eLearning Leadership Blog

Our friends over at Allen Interactions have a great blog on instructional design and more. Their posts are always in-depth and insightful.

Elliot Masie’s eLearning Trends

I was taken aback the first time I read Elliot Masie’s eLearning Trends. I’m used to heavily designed emails and websites these days, but Elliot Masie’s trend report focuses on facts over flash—and facts it has in abundance. Always great insights from The MASIE Center.

Adobe eLearning Blog

Stay up to date on top eLearning trends here. With multiple contributors, the Adobe eLearning blog covers a spectrum of topics from tutorials to industry news.

Captivate Blog by Lieve Weymeis

For Captivate-specific tutorials, look no further than Lieve Weymis, aka Lilybiri. She’s well-respected for her knowledge of Captivate!

The Game Agency

You already know that we partnered with The Game Agency to create The Training Arcade. Did you also know they have a blog? If you’re interested in mobile learning and gamification, check it out.

The Trivantis eLearning Blog

If you want to keep apprised of big announcements from Trivantis, like their recent CenarioVR release, follow the Trivantis blog.

Ashley Chiasson

Ashley has tons of great info for instructional designers, from job interview tips to portfolio suggestions and more. She’s a Storyline power user and often posts Storyline tutorials.


There are tons more great eLearning blogs out there, but we had to stop somewhere. Plus, at some point, you have to stop reading blogs and do some work, right? What are your favorite eLearning blogs to follow?



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