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Ever have one of those days that’s packed full of meetings and when it’s over you feel like nothing got done? You’re not alone. Every organization struggles with meeting productivity. That’s why we created our Meeting Management Customizable Courseware soft skills course. This course is a great way to help your employees or colleagues become better at leading efficient, productive meetings. Because it’s fully customizable, you can change the examples from sales or marketing related meetings to whatever type of meeting you want.

After completing this course, your employees will be able to:

  • Develop a SMART meeting objective—That stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timed
  • Prepare a comprehensive and realistic meeting agenda
  • Describe the elements of an effective meeting

This course includes knowledge checks like the one shown below that allows your learners to practice what they’ve learned. Here the learner identifies sample objectives as SMART or not SMART, based on the earlier information.

meeting steps

Setting SMART objectives isn’t the only requirement for a productive meeting. Taking this course introduced me to the “parking lot’ concept. My meetings seem to always go off on random tangents, so I’ll definitely be trying out the parking lot technique next time.

meeting terms - parking lot

The Meeting Management Customizable Courseware also provides tips for managing virtual meetings and more. Here’s to more effective meetings in the future!

meeting success customizable courseware

We have pre-built courses covering a range of soft skills and sales training, with safety courses on the way. Courses are built in popular tools authoring tools like Lectora, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate Storyline and include the source files so you can customize to your exact needs. Learn more about our Customizable Courseware library and preview the entire Meeting Management course now.

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