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eLBX Presents- eLearning Brothers Improv

Here on the blog, we’re sharing videos of presentations from the first-ever eLBX, this past June. Today we have a real treat for you: eLearning improv! Curtis Morley introduced this next session by describing it as “something you have never seen before” and “the true eLB fashion of fun.” It was indeed all of those things—and more.

This eLearning improv session featured eLearning Brothers employees Drew Young, Ivan Bigney, and Jeff Sproge. These three gentlemen are eLearning Rockstars by day, improv artists by night.

The three comedians presented a few different classic improv games, including Blind Line, which involved the audience submitting random lines and then the comedians presented a scene incorporating those lines at random times. The catch? The topic of the scene had to be centered around an actual eLearning course topic suggested by another conference attendee. Watch the video below to see the hilarity that ensued.

An eLearning flavored set of improv from the perspective of those in the eLearning industry…what could be better? Pretty much nothing. Well, maybe if there were puppies involved in the improv… Maybe next year!

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