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A few months ago, we hosted eLBX, the first eLearning Brothers user conference extravaganza. We were excited to see hundreds of eLearning Rockstars descend upon Salt Lake City for our conference, but we know that there are tons more eLearning Rockstars out there who weren’t able to travel and attend. The #eLBX backchannel was pretty active on social media, however, we wanted to share more with you. Starting today we’re going to be sharing weekly videos on our blog of the different presentations at eLBX. To get you ready, we actually have a doubleheader today: the eLBX welcome video and our first presenter, Dr. Scott Baird, Founder of Griffin Hill.

We started the day off with a quick introduction of eLearning Brothers and how we came to be hosting our first-ever user conference. And of course, a little bit of fun with our favorite Gene Simmons impersonator.

Andrew Scivally and Curtis Morley welcomed the attendees and gave a quick rundown of the amazing speakers, tracks, and entertainment on the eLBX agenda. They also introduced the eLearning Brothers team, also known as “all those people in orange shirts” that you see at conferences and such. Check out the video below or view the presentation slides here.



Next, Dr. Scott Baird kicked off the day with a funny parable about the birds and the bees and unmet expectations, which got attendees laughing and engaged. He then charged attendees to be brilliant and be determined to start a revolution—like Andrew Scivally and Curtis Morley are starting a revolution in the eLearning industry, Baird said.

The presentation continued with Dr. Baird sharing a unique take on the American Revolution and Thomas Paine’s role as the first instructional designer or content writer. Didn’t learn that in your high school history class? Neither did I, but Dr. Baird described how Thomas Paine’s writing motivated the American soldiers during a time of struggle and low morale.

As Dr. Baird described, Thomas Paine was able to inspire the soldiers because he knew them—he knew his audience, their circumstances, and what he wanted them to do. Sounds a lot like the tasks of an instructional designer, right?

It was definitely a presentation that got people thinking and ready for the rest of eLBX! Watch it below or view the presentation slides here.



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