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eLBX Presents- Dr. Michael Allen

Founder and CEO of Allen Interactions, Dr. Michael Allen is a pioneer of the eLearning industry. He is an expert in learning research, instructional design, and more. He’s authored 8 top-selling books and won numerous awards. We were so happy to have him join us at eLBX 2018.

In his presentation, Dr. Allen emphasized how important our profession is. If we create boring learning that is delivered to hundreds of learners, we’re wasting millions of hours of people’s time. That’s a lot of pressure, right?!

The main theme of Dr. Allen’s presentation was: “What’s the most costly/unaffordable instruction? Instruction that doesn’t work!”

Dr. Allen talked about methods we know don’t work and learning principles we know do work. He reminded attendees to consider the “three m’s:”

  • Meaningful
  • Motivational
  • Memorable

Learning should fit all those descriptors, he said. We know that just presenting information and following it with a quiz results in rapid forgetting—if you even remember anything at all! Learning is deeper and more durable when it requires effort.

Watch the presentation below to hear more from Dr. Allen:



View his presentation slides here.


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