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Welcome back to our video series from eLBX 2018! Today we are sharing the video of Dr. Karl Kapp’s presentation. Karl Kapp is an expert in eLearning, games, gamification. He’s a professor and author and all-around great guy. His presentation at eLBX 2018 centered on “thinking like a game designer.”

Some key takeaways from Dr. Kapp’s presentation:

Application before mastery

Games are engaging because they require action right away, versus a course that starts with learning objectives. Action draws in the player (or learner) and encourages them to engage further.

Use testing as a method of learning

Retrieving something from your memory encodes it more deeply.

Create an open loop

Add a sense of mystery and curiosity to keep learners engaged and increase the level of informational complexity.

Watch the video of Karl Kapp’s presentation below to learn more.


View the slides from Dr. Kapp’s presentation here.

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