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If you caught our post last week with Dr. Scott Baird’s eLBX presentation video, you know that we’ve decided to share all the presentations from eLBX 2018 here on the blog. While nothing can replace the energy and connections made by attending a conference in-person, we hope you’ll watch these videos and be just as inspired by them as our conference attendees were.

The next eLBX video we’re sharing is presenter Angel Green, Director of Talent and Learning, Coca-Cola.

Angel Green has vast experience in learning consulting, performance management and instructional strategy. She’s created a best in class learning organization with performance-based solutions at all levels of Coca-Cola Beverages Florida.

Angel Green is, first and foremost, an instructional designer. She knows the daily challenges faced by designers and developers everywhere.

In her presentation, she introduced attendees to her “2020 Vision”—where she hopes to see the training industry go in the next few years.

Angel shared that the total 2017 U.S. training expenditures amounted to $90.6 billion. But that cost doesn’t account for the TIME spent creating all that training and the time spent by learners taking that training. “Is the learning impactful?” Angel asked. “Is all that time and money worth it?”

To answer that question, Angel introduced everyone to the very disheartening hashtags #IHateTraining and #TrainingSucks. (I’ll let you look up those on your own. I like to keep this blog a happy space.)

But, all is not lost. “If we understand that our role is far beyond just taking content and turning it into next-button-type-PowerPoint-eLearning, then we can create an amazing future for ourselves,” said Angel. “So we have to think about that entire employee experience. We need to give them performance support. We need to create something the computer can’t.”

Key takeaways:

  • Ask the hard questions
  • Fight against boring, standard content
  • Push for better technology
  • Be your learners’ advocate

Watch Angel’s inspiring and challenging presentation below. You can also view her presentation slides here.


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