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Authoring an eLearning storyboard can be fun and exciting—that is until deadline pressure threatens to drown out all your creative energy! We covered tons of great stuff in today’s eLBX Online session, Streamline Your Storyboards. eLearning Brothers resident usability expert Josh Bleggi covered the systematic approach to storyboard creation we use here at eLearning Brothers for producing our Customizable Courseware.


Josh talked about:

  • Benefits of using a Storyboard Design System
  • Case Study: Customizable Courseware SB System
  • How to use Course Starters in your own SB Design System


What is a Design System?

A collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.


We can apply that to eLearning by creating a Storyboard Design System:

A living collection of templates guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to design any number of courses in a streamlined, uniform, and accessible manner. Josh showed today’s webinar attendees how we create Storyboard Design Systems here at eLearning Brothers. Storyboards can help you create content much faster and with fewer rounds of edits from stakeholders!

If you missed today’s session, don’t worry! We will be posting Josh’s slides and the webinar recording—along with the rest of this week’s sessions—on our site at the end of the week.


Tune into eLBX Online tomorrow for Getting Started: Creating Training with Course Starters. 

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