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Gamification can take many forms, but following some key best practices can help you ensure success no matter what sort of game you’re developing!

In this session, Jeff Batt, Learning Dojo Founder walked attendees through the basics of building gamification into eLearning. At Learning Dojo, Jeff provides training on many topics, including Storyline, Captivate, CMI5, Bootstrap, and more. For this webinar, Jeff focused on the structure of a game and important concepts you should know before building a game.

According to Jeff, the 3 building blocks of a game are:

  1. Elements
  2. Style
  3. Behavior

Elements include your shapes, pictures, audio files, etc. Style is how you adjust the colors, look, and feel to achieve your desired game feel, and behavior is how you make those elements function. Behavior can be added using programming, but it’s even easier to add when using software like Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, or Lectora. With those tools, all you need are triggers or actions!

Jeff walked attendees through 2 different types of games:

    1. Epic
      -A good example of an epic is Eibhlin’s Quest, a Storyline game template available in the eLearning Brothers Template Library. In an epic, the entire course is the game.
    2. Self-contained
      -A self-contained game is more like one small game that takes up one section of a greater course. It has a theme, an introduction, some questions, and then it ends.

After going over a few more concepts, Jeff dove into Storyline and Captivate to show some how-tos and answer questions.

Missed this webinar? Don’t worry, we’ll be posting all the recordings at the end of the week. The xAPI archive from last week is available now.

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