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Let’s face it. When we usually think gamification, the end result tends to just mask some quiz behind a fancy layout with few real gaming elements added. It takes a lot of development time to create something that both feels like a game and creates serious learning opportunities. At eLearning Brothers, we’ve talked about this a lot, and it’s our goal to help you jump the gap from boring eLearning into fun (and customizable) learning experiences!

That’s why we built Eibhlin’s Quest, our newest Storyline game with extra emphasis on the GAME!

You take control of Eibhlin, a young girl whose village has been overcome by a creeping darkness threatening to destroy all she loves. Being the purest in heart of all her townspeople, she’s sent on a quest to find the source of evil and do what is necessary to restore things to normal.

Along the way, you are introduced to a number of woodland creatures that are eager to help Eibhlin as she makes her journey. These moments can serve as areas where learning content can be taught and tested within the game environment.

As with all of our templates, we provide you with all of the source files. This lets you not only add your content, but also make any adjustments to the game that you see fit! You can add your own graphics, questions, colors, and anything else to help it best fit your needs.

Can you defeat the darkness? Watch the demo video below to see just how helping Eibhlin along her quest can also help your learners grow!


Want to learn more about this template? Join us for a webinar on August 29th to learn more from the developer!

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