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You can’t go wrong with a drag and drop interaction in your eLearning content! We make it easy for you by offering drag and drop templates in all our Template Style sets. In this video, we’re going to take a look at the structure of our Starter Sequencing Drag and Drop Storyline template, and how to make a few edits to the file.

This is a slick little interaction. Super simple, and a nice combination of custom interaction and standard Storyline functionality.

First off, as with most files in our styles, elements here are directly editable: live text, programmatic shapes, etc. To make changes, grab an element, and modify it using any of the formatting tools in the Ribbon.

To adjust correct answers, open the Form View and edit as you would a built-in Storyline interaction.

To remove a dragger/dropzone delete it from the stage.

There’s not a ton more to say about this drag and drop template beyond the extremely awesome xAPI integration we’ve included. Check out our other support videos for more information on xAPI.

View more videos on how to use our Template Styles on our Support site. Then, log into your account and start playing around with all the different Template Styles available!



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