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For eons, mankind has been perplexed and enchanted by the concept of the elements. These natural forces, sometimes bordering on supernatural, govern our world. It’s an idea present in the theory of the Four Humors as well as countless mythologies throughout the history civilization.

Today we continue that proud tradition—the elements, certainly not the practice of humorism—and highlight four Storyline templates that do a wonderful job of representing their respective elements.


Process Drag and Drop


With a mountainous background that takes a geometric approach to usually organic shapes, this sleek drag and drop interaction requires learners to put a sequence of steps into the proper order. Perhaps you might label each circular dragger with a step in the scientific method (hypothesis, experiment, analysis, etc.) and task your learners with ordering them correctly.


Parachute Game

Parachute  Storyline Game

Glide gracefully through the air in this hangman-style game that pits one parachutist against a sea of hungry sharks. With each incorrect guess, you lose one line, before eventually finding yourself as fish food. Use Parachute to test your learners’ knowledge of the terminology and vocabulary of a prior course.


Escape Game


Pound the pavement in this hot orange muscle car, propelled by the finest combustion engine on the market. Escape the blazing strobe lights of the authorities by answering a series of multiple-choice true/false, and multiple response questions. Answer correctly to dodge obstacles on the road to freedom.


Underwater Scenario


Are you able to keep your head above water in this challenge? Choose wisely in the Underwater scenario to stay afloat. Your best choice will keep the water level at a manageable ankle height. A passable answer will put you waist-deep. But beware, as a foolish choice will leave you struggling in the deep end.

Get into your element today, and check out our Storyline Template library!

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