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Drag and drop modules are, at their core, fairly simple eLearning interactions. Quite plainly, they replicate the experience of sorting objects in the real world. Every day, we each do some form of sorting, whether it be coordinating the outfit we wear, alphabetizing our DVD’s or even just putting a head of lettuce in the crisper drawer of the fridge. Our order-loving brains crave to have things in their proper place and for the world to make sense.

With drag and drop interactions, a learner can use their mouse to make sense of information and sort it on their computer screen. Today we’re featuring four Lectora interactions that utilize drag and drop functionality for eLearning.

Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece  Lectora Interaction

There’s something therapeutic about a jigsaw puzzle. The satisfaction of creating a comprehensible image out of a box of pure chaos is a feeling that needs to be experienced at least once in a person’s life. Our Puzzle Piece template allows you to reveal an image by dropping puzzle pieces onto the gray box at the right side of the module. With each reveal, learners will get another chunk of information about subject at hand. To make it extra relevant, try to make the revealed image pertinent to the course, so it can double as a visual aid to the material and a reward for the solved puzzle.

Money Drop

Money Drop  Lectora Interaction

This template, utilizing the “Money” Lectora theme, is a simple binary sorting drag and drop. There is a pile of tiles numbered 1-6 and each tile goes to either of the two drop areas. Where they flash green or red depending on if the answer was right or wrong, and then disappear. In this example the odd numbered tiles go to the left box while even numbered tiles go to the right box, but the sorting doesn’t have to be numeric. Perhaps you could have one drop area labeled “Animals” and the other “Plants” with each of the Drag Text tiles labeled “Shark”, “Mongoose”, “Tree”, “Flower”, etc. and ask learners to sort accordingly.

Tent Dragger

tent dragger

This camping-themed template allows learners to match each dragger with the proper description. This interaction works very well for teaching and testing vocabulary. Learner’s can use the process of elimination to learn new terms in jargon-heavy subjects.

Flat Blue

Flat Blue Multi to Two Dragger  Lectora Interaction

Our versatile Flat Blue theme is very easy to customize: simple and modern if you leave it as is, and easily modified if you just want to use it as a skeleton. The Flat Blue dragger is similar to the “Money Drop” template, in that multiple tiles go into one of two areas. However, this one allows you to still see the draggers after sorting, maintaining a visual record of the sorting for the learner.

Drop on by our Lectora template library today to see these and many other easy to use templates!

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