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Did you know we have great looking templates? With over 328 templates for Camtasia organized into 43 themes, you’re sure to find something you like in our library. We’ve seen our subscribers succeed by sticking to one theme, and we’ve seen success from mixing and matching.

The key is knowing what is available in the library. To help keep you informed, this week we’re featuring the Daydream theme template.

This template comes with two intro templates, both of which feature a lot of moving parts. With several shapes grouped together at different depths, they become a large rotating 3D shape when all moved at once.

When using Camtasia for an eLearning course you’ll need some great layouts to put information on. The daydream theme includes two layouts that keep with the 3d movement feeling but allow for you to place useful information on the screen.

What would a video template be if it didn’t include a lower third or two? The ones that come with Daydream are fast moving and full of depth. These are found in the overlays section of the library.

Also in the overlays section, you’ll find a half graphic. This is great if you need to supplement what is being shown on screen with more information. Callouts are also great for displaying information on screen with your subject matter.

And finally, if you get bored of the built in standard transitions offered in Camtasia, you can dig into the Daydream themed transitions. If you’re not a fan of those, feel free to mix and match with the other transitions in our library.

Have you used this template in your project? We’d love to see it! Send a demo to support@elearningbrothers.com and we’ll feature your work in our blog!

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