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We’ve all heard the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words. Graphics are great training tools and can make the difference between an average course and a great course.

The true test of an graphic: Can the learner look at the image and understand the concept of the training page without reading the text? If your answer is “NO”, then you have yourself a gratuitous image. Yuck!

Graphics come in many different shapes, sizes, layouts, colors, and complexities. They are more than just a simple picture of a person or an office. Graphics can portray steps in a process, pieces of a concept, interaction between people, emotions, and much more.

Just because there is some open space on a page, don’t get lazy and place some meaningless gratuitous image. We always recommend finding a way to create an image that engages the learner. Have fun with it and be creative!

Below are two simple examples:


eLearning Brothers specializes in making you look good. We are passionate about our belief that great online training needs to be engaging, interactive and inspiring. Flash games, challenges, interactions, and some pretty sweet look’n custom course development…contact us today for our complimentary consultation. Not ready to outsource? Try using our awesome e Learning Templates. They work great with most rapid elearning development tools.

As always, Happy eLearning!

The Brothers

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