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PowerPoint is easily one of the most popular programs in the world of training. There’s nothing more straightforward than a well-made slideshow with intuitive layout and controls. The slides transition beautifully, the text and other elements are legible and well-animated; it all just fits together.

Our PowerPoint templates take things the next level. Instead of a standard presentation, we’ve spiced up our templates with dynamic interactions, which learners can manipulate and explore.


PowerPoint Layout  Flat Blue

This outline template is a curvy, whimsical font is contrasted by sharp blue rectangles sliding seamlessly into view. Flat blue is a simple design aesthetic, but in the right hands “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Click and Reveal Tabs

PowerPoint Click and Reveal  Tabs Intro Top Flat Blue

This tabbed interaction holds onto the simple Flat Blue aesthetic, but adds an element of “click and reveal”. Click each tab to call up the corresponding content, neatly spaced in it’s own text box, taking advantage of one module to make it look as if the information is spaced across several slides.

Squares Surround

PowerPoint Click and Reveal  Squares Surround Flat Blue

This tabbed interaction takes full advantage of the space given and surrounds the main text box with click and reveal tabs. Fit even more info into one compact place.


PowerPoint Click and Reveal  Glossary Bottom Flat Blue

This click and reveal is meant to be used as a glossary for your course. As a learner clicks each letter, the vocabulary words corresponding to that letter populate the center text box. It’s a beautiful way to economically define the terms of your eLearning course.

If you really want to take your course to the next level, take a look at iSpring. iSpring is a PowerPoint plug-in that allows you to transform your PowerPoint slideshows into fully functioning eLearning modules, capable of being hosted on an LMS or even online.
iSpring is a tool that should be in any eLearning expert’s toolbox.

You can find these and other PowerPoint interaction in our template library. For more information about iSpring, check out the iSpring website.

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