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I recently read a great blog post by Articulates Tom Kuhlmann, titled Here’s Why Slide Count is Irrelevant to Your E-Learning Course . In the post he mentions the following key points:

– Screen count does not matter to the elearner…what matters, is the interaction built into the course.

– Do not auto-advance the slides in your course. Some people are fast readers, some are not, and some want to review the slide information before progressing through the course. Give the control to the learner!

Finally, three tips for creating productive eLearning:

  1. Break the content into bite-size chunks. Smaller bits of information are easier to digest.
  2. Are you viewing or doing? Determine if you are just sharing information with the learner (viewing) or if it is tied to performance goals (doing).
  3. Are you pushing or pulling? Don’t just push out information to the learner. Build interactions in your eLearning where the learner has to perform a function or make a decision. If they cannot successfully do the task, then provide a way for them to “pull” the information from the course.

In summation…slide count does not matter as long as you keep your learners engaged and they can effectively pull the information out of the course that will improve their performance.


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