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It takes a rather gutsy individual to throw caution to the wind and jump out of an airplane two-and-a-half miles above the hard ground. It takes a special type of insanity to do so over shark-infested waters.

Luckily, reasonable people rarely partake in such an activity willingly in real life. But if you’ve ever had a daydream—or more likely a nightmare—of yourself skimming the surface of a shark-y shindig, today is your lucky day! Because now you get to experience the pure adrenaline rush that is the Parachute Storyline game!

Parachute  Storyline Game

Parachute centers around a an intrepid skydiver, hovering precariously across the ocean waves, as a school of sharks waits hungrily below the surface. You have to keep him out of the water by guessing the correct word or phrase.

Parachute  Storyline Game1

The game mechanics are quite similar to the classic game hangman. The learner is given a preset number of blank boxes and clue. One by one, they fill in the boxes by clicking the letters on the right.

Parachute  Storyline Game4

If they select all the correct letters our parachutist is safe!

Parachute  Storyline Game2

However, learner beware: with each incorrect guess, one cord on the parachute will break, inching our hero closer and closer to the perilous, shark-filled water.

Parachute  Storyline Game3

Lose all six lines, and it’s game over, my friend!

Parachute  Storyline Game5

But if you’re able to hold on tight and make it through the gauntlet of all 10 questions, it’s smooth sailing.

Glide your way to victory today with the new Parachute Storyline game! You can find it—along with other exciting eLearning games—in our Storyline Template Library. Bon voyage!

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