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After a bite from a radioactive instructional designer, Lance Larson was endowed with superhuman eLearning skills. Vowing to protect the world from eLearning-related evil, Lance donned a cape and became Learning Lad!

He wasn’t quite up to the job at first, making many a rookie mistakes, but after defeating hordes of eLearning bad guys, such as Dr. Gif, Comicsanzo, and PoorlyDonePhotoshop Man, Learning Lad had learned a few things about being a superhero.

You don’t have to wreck a city to save the day

In the early days of his career, Learning Lad was reckless. He would do whatever it took to defeat his enemies, even if that meant leveling a neighborhood in the process.  But as time moved forward, and  a significant amount of debt from the city, he started to shape up.  It just wouldn’t do to knock down a whole skyscraper when a gentler touch could get the job done.

Try not to overcomplicate the concepts you explore in your courses. If you explain something in a couple sentences, don’t try to stretch it out fill an entire page. Just as Learning Lad learned to value public and private property, so must you learn to value your learners’ time.

Each course has its strengths and weaknesses

Every superhero has their own talents. You wouldn’t send the Flash to the bottom of the ocean to fight an army of mutant space octopi; that’s Aquaman’s territory, and the Flash would drown. Similarly, you wouldn’t use a True/False quiz question when asking, “Who invented the lightbulb?” It just wouldn’t make sense, because a True/False question is not suited to that kind of content.

You have to know your motivation

Shortly after gaining his powers, Learning Lad tragically lost his uncle Larry, who was bored to death by a bad eLearning course. From that moment on, Learning Lad vowed to never let such things happen ever again.

If your learners don’t have any reason to finish the course, they will disengage, especially if it’s a long course. Disengaging is toxic to a learning environment, and you should do whatever you can to keep that from happening. Consider using eLearning games to bring an added bit of fun to your course. This can even give your learners a little bit of a mental break over reading slide after slide of text and information.

What are your eLearning superpowers? Do you have any secrets for fending off eLearning eVil? Give us some pointers in the comments!

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