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Lectora templates

The eLearning industry is all about finding more effective ways to train and educate learners. It’s all about using the technological advances we’ve been given to strengthen and streamline the learning process.

The capabilities of Lectora as an authoring tool have allowed us to make some really cool templates that do just that.

Flash Cards

Flash Cards  Lectora Interaction

Ever since grade school, you’ve been using flash cards to memorize important information. It’s like playing your own little version of Jeopardy, reading the question on the back of the card and doing your best recall the answer that pertains to it.

Now you can do that digitally with our flash card template. Simply read the info on one side of the card flip it with a click, marking whether you remembered the answer or not.


Lectora Click and Reveal  Glossary Top 

Every textbook should have a section that defines key terms and jargon that the subject matter employs, like a miniature dictionary. Our glossary template is a handy mechanism for incorporating such a thing into your course. Use this alphabetized click-and-reveal module to explain any and all terms that might confuse the learner. It’s easily customizable, not only in aesthetics, but in functionality: you can quickly change the number of buttons on the top row, and remove letters if you don’t have any terms under them.



Remember how I compared flashcards to playing Jeopardy? Perhaps I should have saved that comparison for this Lectora game template, patterned after the show’s premise. A perennial favorite, Game Show is one of our most highly downloaded templates. Simple and familiar, this template is an ideal tool for memorization and quick learning.

Become a member today and find these and other handy tools for streamlined eLearning in our Lectora template library, which is built directly into the Lectora Inspire interface. Let us know which Lectora templates are your favorites in the comments below!

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