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Deck the Halls with Free Holiday Cutout Characters

We always go the extra mile for you here at eLearning Brothers. If that means risking life and limb to get a photo of a cat in a Christmas sweater for your holiday cutout character needs…we’ll do it! In fact, we put TWO cats in holiday outfits—that’s how much we love our eLearning Brothers members. We even put a couple dogs in festive apparel, although they were much more agreeable about it.

dog in holiday jacket and reindeer antlers    cat in santa costume

Don’t worry—our photo studio hasn’t entirely been taken over by the animal kingdom. We also uploaded seven different human holiday cutout characters. Each person comes with over 20 poses, including both standard poses and with holiday-specific props.

Below left, Ashley is ready to start a gift wrapping tutorial, or perhaps a job aid about appropriate office gifting policies. White elephant gift exchanges can get pretty wild, so it’s good to outline some parameters ahead of time.

Holiday cutout woman holding gift           Holiday cutout man in ugly christmas sweater giving thumbs down

Above right, Gregory demonstrating that face you make when Santa puts coal in your stocking. Of course, this can also be used when a learner gets a question wrong.

Now, I know the question you’re all thinking right now is “Where did they get such amazing holiday sweaters?!” We’ll never tell…

Holiday cutout man wearing santa hat talking on phone          Holiday cutout woman in festive vest and antler headband

The holidays can be a tough time for retail workers. Creating a holiday-themed scenario customer service scenario? Ben’s pose and expression, above left, perfectly portray a customer wondering why his package hasn’t arrived yet. Julie, above right, is a great example of a friendly customer service rep who can help Ben locate his missing package in time for his family’s gift exchange.

There are more poses and characters where these came from! Check out the rest of our holiday cutout characters and download them now to start spreading some holiday cheer!


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