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eLearning Data

A big part of eLearning is presenting data in a meaningful way. Charts and graphs are an economical way of giving your learners a lot of information in a quick glance. We have several data-driven templates that are easily modified to your aesthetic needs and specific data sets.

Each of the graphics we’ll look at today have similar interfaces, so to get your feet wet, let’s take a look at a simple bar chart.

Bar Charts Graphic

This template is quite simple to use, and can easily be customized with some basic PowerPoint know-how.

Here’s the rundown:

data bar chart selected

Select chart.

data click design

Click Design

Under Design, click Edit Data.

data edit 2

data edit 2b
Data corresponds to bar chart.

data edit 2c

data edit 2d
Change data to edit chart.


Radar Charts Graphic

data radar chart

Click here to view this template in the library!


Radar charts are similar to bar charts, in that they are great for comparing several variables at once. However, they are also well-suited to showing several sets of data together in order to draw comparisons and contrasts between each element.

For instance, you could compare two athletes by showing their skills side by side. Who can jump higher? Who can run faster? Who’s scored more points? Placing these data sets on top of one another quickly reveals which player is best at what.

Dashboards Graphic

data dashboard

Click here to view this template in the library!

The Dashboard is a very versatile template. You can change the text and design elements, adjust information, and even remove certain elements if need be. Features include a 1-6 rating system, gauges, a world map, and text boxes. Like the dashboard of your car, Dashboard presents a lot of information in a small space.

Many of our graphics can be dynamically changed by any data that you need to represent. Take a look at our PowerPoint Graphics Library to see how our fully-customizable graphics can save you time!

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