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eLearning Monsters

Years ago when I studied art in college, one of my favorite professors told me, “Art is a dance. Sometimes you lead it, sometimes it leads you.” That quote really struck a chord with me and I’ve never forgotten it. Through the years I’ve come to realized that it’s applicable not only to art but more specifically to eLearning modules and development. Sometimes you lead it, sometimes it leads you.

It’s all about interactivity. The learner interacts with the learning module just as an artist interacts with the artwork just as the developer interacts with a project. In this sense, we are always creating through our interactions and the learning process becomes a creative process and vice versa.

Dancing Lessons with eLearning Monsters

Every once in a while you will become part of a creative process (or project) that’s bigger than yourself. For example, I had a monstrous collaborative project working with a talented group of people with different skills. Working on such a large scale, sometimes it can be easy to fixate without seeing how it effects the other parts as a whole.

Basically, this is like dancing with eLearning monsters (sometimes you lead it, sometimes it leads you).

That monstrous project can be overwhelming and you’re likely to step on other people’s toes as well as get your own toes stepped on. But gradually the dance starts to take shape, you take a step back to see the whole picture and then step in to make your mark. And like a painting, all of those marks start to take shape and make a comprehensive work of art.

It’s the dance of reaction and reflection where the monster slowly becomes a muse and a mess becomes a masterpiece. And after the dance is over, you’re left with a sense of gratitude that you’ve got to be a part of an amazing learning and creative process.

So next time you’re faced with a monster of a project or multiple monster projects, or whether it be learning something new or facing the unknown, just remember your dance lessons and monsters aren’t as hideous as they seem.

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