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Looking for a fun way to use our eLearning cutout people pictures? You can easily modify these images in Adobe Photoshop and have a creative new brand for your project.

Here are the steps to make these big head characters:

1. Select Head

Open your image in Adobe Photoshop and use your favorite tool to create a selection around the head/jaw/face. I used the Magic Wand tool, but you could use the the Pen Tool, Layer Mask, or other tool.

2. Remove Head

Once the head is selected, remove it by selecting Edit/Cut from the top menu in Adobe Photoshop.

3. Paste Head

Once you’ve cut the head off, you need to paste it onto a new layer. Create a new layer and then from the top menu select Edit/Paste.

4. Shrink Body

Highlight the layer with the body and then use the Transform tool to scale the body down. Then align the neck and head to a position that looks good. Note: I like to add an additional layer above the body and use the Brush tool to paint in a small shadow around the neck.


That’s it. Enjoy and happy bobble head making!

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