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articulate storyline player

Designing an awesome template in Storyline is a very simple process. But one of the more underutilized features in Storyline is the ability to fully edit the Articulate Storyline player. Once individuals and companies make a template or game, they are so eager to get it exported and share it with the eLearning World. Imagine having an amazing template that you have been pouring your blood sweat and cramped fingers into surrounded by a boring pasty white player of mediocrity. It is nigh unfathomable! Whether it is a sleek black or a vibrant green, the player should always be modified to fit the design and purposes of the accompanying course content.

The built-in Storyline player offers a wide variety of modifications ranging from colors and effects to being able to add and remove a seekbar, volume controls, and even your own logo. One of my favorite abilities that the built-in player allows you to do is to make your own trigger that is positioned on the top of the player; thus allowing you to directly change the states of objects, jump to specific slides, and even execute imported JavaScripts. And at the end of all the changes you have made to the player, you can save out the player to be used on other templates .

Below is how to change each of the topics mentioned above:


Colors and effects:

First thing to do is to go to the home tab and then click on the player button in the publish group. Then you will want to click on Colors and Effects. You can then choose any preset color scheme or insert the colors of your choosing. You can also change the font type and size in this section as well. You will be given a preview of everything you change so you can modify and tweak the look without having to click OK.



Now, you want to go to the player and then click on the Features tab in the top left hand corner. In this tab, you can fully customize the layout of your player by simply clicking anything that has a checkmark next to it. So for example, if you don’t want a title on your player, simply click the checkmark and that will remove the title for you. You can also import your own logo into the player to brand your templates in a unique fashion.


Under the same Features tab, there is the “add triggers” button. If you click that, it will bring up the Trigger Wizard. This allows you to select what action you would like to make and to what object (just like the Trigger Wizard for every other trigger). This is a great feature for people that want to add a trigger spanning the whole of the project. 

Articulate Storyline has made it so fast and easy to customize a player to fit the templates and games that it will accompany. Let me know of all the cool ways you have changed and edited the player to create an awesome template! Click Here to get quick peek of the custom Articulate Storyline player templates we have in our library.


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