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How To Customize Camtasia Conversation Scenarios in 5 Minutes

The eLearning Brothers Camtasia Template Library includes several scenario templates that have been built in Camtasia, and are ready for implementation. These can be very useful in showing all kinds of situations, one of which was explained on a recent webinar.

Scenarios combine three of the great things that eLearning Brothers offers, making something very amazing and versatile! We’ve taken some of our location photos, our cutout people, and our design expertise and built scenarios.

You’ll find two kinds of scenarios in the Camtasia library. One is an instructional scenario where there is one cutout person who interacts with your viewer, and is set up for branching options from your timeline. The other is a conversational scenario that shows two characters talking to one another. The conversational scenarios can be a great way to demonstrate a sales interaction, an in-office protocol, or a friendly discussion.

Customizing them is easy. You can have a fully functional and customized scenario set up and ready to be used in only five minutes.

In the video below, I’ll show an example of one use of our conversational scenarios, and demonstrate how to build a conversation from our templates.

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