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Customizable Courseware for Creating Compassionate Customer Service Courses

Every business has a mission, a purpose that it hopes to serve, or some kind of need it wishes to fulfill. For most businesses, one could argue that their mission is to serve those that patronize their products and services. If that is the case, such businesses ought to make customers and clients their top priority.

If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance that you are part of a business that values customer service and wants to optimize customer interactions, and to that end, might we suggest our new Customer Service course template. It’s a full course that can be used “out of the box,” or easily modified to fit your company’s brand and voice.

Customer Service Training Courseware slide

Like the other Customizable Courseware we’ve previewed, the Customer Service course is put together in the sleek New Stone style, showcasing flat panels and sharp pointed edges.

Customer Service Training scenario 1

To start things off, learners are dropped in the middle of a few customer service scenarios and asked to judge the quality of service shown. This is a good pretest to gauge your learners’ existing proficiency in the subject, and also a nice lead-in to let learners hit the ground running.

Customer Service questions

This course makes great use of tabbed interactions in various different forms. Above, we see a novel approach to the medium that opts for sliding panels that slip in and out of frame when their respective tabs are clicked.
Foundation of customer service

Here we see a more traditional approach to tabbed interactions that nevertheless feels new and sharp.

Ask a Customer Service expert

An Ask an Expert interaction teaches customer service skills from the viewpoints of three different salespeople, each with their own perspectives and unique challenges.

After learning more about the subject, learners are given another chance to try their hand at a few more customer service scenarios to check their progress through the material.
How to wow your Customers

Yet another approach to tabbing, with tab labels situated at the center of the screen, changing text and graphics on either side.
Wow Customers

Rounding things out, learners use a dragger interaction, applying the new “WOW” concept to practice customer service.

If you need to teach your team the value of customer service, check out a live demo of this course and download today.

For more great full-course templates, look in the Customizable Courseware library.

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