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Add a fresh, new look to your Articulate course!

Take a look at our Articulate Player Skins!

Many eLearning designers use Articulate Presenter software to create eLearning courses. Articulate has a standard Player (or Skin) that it uses to “wrap” the course content. A skin has all of the buttons necessary to navigate and use the course. You now have an alternative to the standard Articulate Skin.

Skins come in Packs of 4!
(Change your skins based on the need for audio or more complex controls.)

Each pack of Articulate Skins includes 4 versions:

  • 2 Deluxe Skins (with and without audio controls)
  • 2 Simple Skins (with and without audio controls)

Making your Articulate Presenter course look awesome is easy!

  1. Find and download the Articulate Skin that you like
  2. Click and install the skin
  3. Choose the new skin when you publish your next Articulate course

Here are some samples:

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