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eLearning Brothers is committed to bringing you the highest quality computer-based training assets we can at a competitive price. In this quest, we strive to have a high selection of assets to choose from, because oftentimes quantity is right up there with quality. This brings us to the subject of stock images.

Stock images, by their nature, are meant to be broadly applicable to a wide variety of situations. They’re there to represent concrete concepts as well as abstract ideas, getting as specific or as general as you need. That’s why it’s important for stock images especially to have a wide selection. There are so many things that can be said with a picture, and we want to help you say it all.

To show you just how deep our well of pictures goes, we’d like to take a dive into some of the more obscure pictures in our library to illustrate just how specific a message you can send with a stock image.

Santa Cash


I think I just figured out why green is one of the colors of Christmas: Santa is apparently flush with cash. What will you say with this image? Is it a statement on the commercialization of the holidays? A promo for AMC’s new series, “Better Call Santa”?  You decide!

Fishbowl for Sale


You know what they say about people who live in glass houses: they’re usually goldfish! Apparently, humans aren’t the only real estate savvy species. Fish have a discerning taste as well! Make an investment in this stock image before the “bubble” comes crashing down.

Early Bird


They say that time flies, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t what they had in mind. This ultra-specific stock image, featuring a cowboy bird sitting atop an alarm clock, is a testament to just how diverse our selection of stock photos really is. The fact that this image not only exists but has a place in our library speaks to just how many things you can say with a stock image.

What specific things are you able to say with our stock images? Check the Stock Asset Library today and let us know what you can do in the comments!

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