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Process interaction PowerPoint

Starting with a premade PowerPoint Graphic, I’m going to show how easy it is to make a clickable animated process interaction.


Step 1: Plan Interaction

The first step is plan out how your interaction will function and look. Identify what items will be clickable. Plan out animations and other effects that will be applied following a click. Also, ensure that your artwork is exactly how you want it, as we’ll be copying this slide to create the other slides.


Step 2: Add Buttons

The next step is to add buttons. To add buttons, just draw a shape over the items you want clickable. Note: Right click and select “Edit Points” to modify the shape to fit perfect over your graphics. Once all shapes are added, make them transparent. Add hyperlinks to the shapes so each shape navigates to a unique slide in your presentation.


Step 3: Create Pages

Once each button is clicked, you’ll need a landing page for it. Copy/Paste your artwork and buttons to each slide. Change the content as needed to reflect that page’s message. (Note: I like to move the clicked on shape a little to indicate what was clicked on.)


Step 4: Make Awesome

The final step is to add in some cool animations. I always tend to go more subtle with my animations; they look more professional. I like to add a small animation to each shape that is clicked on, once again, to reinforce what was just clicked.

And that’s all there is to it. To help you get started creating some awesome interactions in PowerPoint, here are some free PowerPoint Graphic files. You can also check out these awesome PowerPoint Graphics.

View the final PowerPoint Interaction

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