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Lectora Scenarios

My Brother Sean recently wrote a blog on Branching Scenarios, and how useful they can be in helping an elearning course reach a higher level of engagement by introducing safe choices into the learning process.

With the release of Lectora 12.1 inserting scenarios from eLearningBrothers have never been easier.

1. Go to insert tab

2. Click Template Library

3. Browse the library and click on the interaction or scenario you want to insert and download.

And there you go. But, wait, what if you want to switch out a few images. What does that include?

1. Select the image you want to swap out. Then follow the steps previously mentioned. Browse to the character or image you want to insert and exchange.

2. Select download. The image should now be inserted in the same group the image was in.

3. Select and hold the alt key if you inserted your character into a group and move the image to the desired location. If you inserted it outside of any group move it and resize it to the desired location. You may need to copy/modify any actions if needed.

4. Delete the original image

I hope you enjoy and increase the speed of your workflow using the new Lectora 12.1!

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