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Create Iconic eLearning With the New Icon Library

When you need one simple image that instantly portrays an idea—instead of an image that says a thousand words—you need an icon. Icons communicate efficiently through their simple shapes and lines. As busy eLearning developers, we all like efficiency, right?

According to Connie Malamed, the eLearning Coach, “Icons embody a quality that cognitive theorists call computational efficiency, meaning they minimize the processing required for an accurate interpretation.” So, your learner will quickly recognize and process an icon, and remember the meaning. Now if only you had an easy place to find all sorts of icons for your eLearning projects…say, a large library of icons?

Introducing the new eLearning Brothers Icon Library!

The Icon Library has over 50,000 flat icons covering all your development needs—from menu icons to industry-specific icons and more. You can download and import them into any authoring tool of your choosing. Here are a few more reasons we’re excited to share this library with you:


50+ Categories

Find everything you need with over 50 categories to browse and multiple styles for every icon. Some popular categories include business, education/learning, people, and more.


Drag ‘n’ Drop

Download PNGs that are drag ‘n’ drop ready for any tool or application.


One Source

All icons are drawn by the same designer, so you can give your eLearning a consistent look and feel.


Editable Vectors

Vectors are not merged and have preserved shapes. Edit anchor points and change fill colors to match your brand.


That’s right, the new eLearning Brothers Icon Library has over 50,000 icons. Now, what to do with all those icons… The options are really limitless, but here are a few ideas:

  1. Use icons for your menu navigation. The Icon Library has so many slick, modern looking icons that you can use for navigation to give your course a very professional, contemporary feel.
  2. Use icons instead of bullets like I did above. Icons can make information easier to scan and give your learner something visual to associate the information with, making it easier to remember.
  3. Create infographics with icons. Infographics are all about distilling a lot of complicated information into an easy to comprehend visual, which is exactly what icons are already doing. It just makes sense to use them together!
  4. Use them to denote different categories of information. Maybe you’re creating a cybersecurity course and you want to cover different levels or types of security. You could use icons likes these to differentiate between voice-activated security, security badges, and passwords:

voice iconbadge verified icon forgot password icon


There are so many icons in the library—we can’t wait to see what you do with them! Visit the Icon Library page for information about pricing and how you can access these awesome new resources.



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