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Crazy Storyline Carnival Games

Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Come one, come all to a spectacular display of Storyline sorcery! Step right up and be dazzled by our collection of Storyline carnival games so marvelous that they boggle the human brain! You too can experience these wonders firsthand by signing up with eLearning Brothers today!

Traveling carnivals were the form of entertainment in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Though they have changed and morphed over the years, there is a romantic aesthetic firmly associated with old-fashioned fairs and festivals, what with carnival barkers, novelty attractions (world’s smallest horse!) and questionably-constructed (but oh-so-fun) amusement park rides. One other thing which is inextricable from the carnival aesthetic are the games, where patrons pay a carnie money for an attempt to beat the house and win trinkets and stuffed animals.

Today we’d like to present a few Storyline games that you might find at such a carnival. So without further adieu, feast your eyes on our fun carnival-themed Storyline Games and test your wit!

GoFer Broke


With a clever use of a hover function, the GoFer Broke template simulates a good ol’ game of “Whack-a-mole”, with a gopher emerging from it’s hole as the learner moves the cursor over it. A simple click and WHAM! Down comes the mallet! With every hit, the learner is presented with a multiple choice question, accruing 100 points for each correct answer. After answering their attached question, each one of the ten holes will disappear. Fix the gopher problem and the game is done!

Balloon Pop


In Balloon Pop, ten balloons are attached to the wall waiting for learners to hurl darts at them. As each balloon meets its demise at the business end of these pointed projectiles, the learner receives a multiple choice question, continuing until the wall is completely balloon free.

Barrel of Monkeys


The Barrel of Monkeys game features a stunning trapeze act, featuring everyone’s favorite circus and carnival animal: the monkey! A bushel of delicious bananas sits on the grain, but there is far too much going on around this bounty for the monkeys to go strait for them. Instead, they hatch a plan: Using their agile teamwork, they will link arms and lower from the ceiling and snatch the glorious golden fruit from the barrel. To add a monkey to the chain, all learners must do is correctly answer a multiple choice question. Get enough monkeys to reach barrel and win!

To find these, and many other great eLearning games, check out our Storyline Game Template Library!

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