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Are you trying to build a course that works on both desktops and an iPad? Are you curious what course dimensions work best for both?

This is a conversation that I’ve seen popup in various areas lately. Here are some resources I’ve come across.

Project size for Articulate Storyline

Project size for Captivate
Tristan over at InfoSemantics has put together a great post on this topic. He describes that 995×627 is the best Captivate project size for iPads and desktops.

Project size for Lectora
(copied from Lectora)

  • Set the size of your content pages for the iPad at: 1024W x 690H
  • Add the following Meta tag to the title level to ensure the content is sized appropriately for the viewing area on the iPad. <meta name = “viewport” content = “initial-scale = 1.0, maximum-scale = 1.0, user-scalable = no”> To add this Meta tag, add an External HTML Object of type Meta tags to the title level. Specify the above tag (referenced in italics above) within the Custom HTML field of the object’s properties.

Adobe Presenter and iSpring
These are all PowerPoint plug-in tools and have standard fixed dimensions: 720W x 540H. (The size of a PPT slide.) The dimensions can’t be changed.

Articulate Presenter
Courses published in Articulate Presenter don’t work on iPads.

You may want to also check out these tools that create mobile content:


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