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eLearning professionals who came of age in the past couple decades likely have fond memories of sitting around the TV, wires strewn about the living room, mindlessly mashing buttons with friends or siblings, hoping to best each other in virtual competition. Of course, the battle began before you even booted up the console. Because everyone knows that the poor sap who got stuck with the old, crummy, third-party controller was dealt a major handicap.

Whether it’s the software or the hardware, the truth is that the user interface can make or break a digital experience, and that goes for eLearning. Today we’re unveiling some unique button interfaces to plug into your next Captivate project to make a more polished and navigable course.



Soothing and pensive, Deep is about as friendly as they come. The cool color scheme and soft rounded edges of the buttons are invitingly pleasant, just begging to be pushed.



Nothing says “futuristic” quite like a glossy silver finish. If you want an eLearning interface that takes you the 31st century and beyond, Chrome is where it’s at. Living up to it’s name, Chrome offers a polished metallic aesthetic indicative of technological progress and calculated precision.



Teach exudes poise and professionalism, but with a friendly, quirky charm. Though it is neat and measured, the flat design, accentuated by line shading and an understated color scheme, lets you know that Teach has fun personality and creative proclivities.



Gummy is a true gem of a template with an almost retrofuturistic attitude, reminiscent of something the Wachowskis might have dreamed up in the late ’90s. With a simple, almost DOS-like font, and an early-computer-screen green coloring, Gummy takes us back to not-so-distant past when computer hackers were just starting to earn a punk rock-level of street cred. Of course we all know they’re true rock stars nowadays, but it had to start somewhere, didn’t it?

To take a look at our full selection of new keyboard interfaces, check out our Captivate buttons here!

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