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Articulate Studio '13


diane_elkins(Guest blog post by Diane Elkins, author of E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Studio ’13. Get her exclusive Articulate Studio ’13 book free, a $34.95 value, when you purchase an eLearning Brothers Library subscription.)

You’ve probably heard about all the great new features in Articulate Studio ’13, such as the new Engage interactions, new question types such as drag and drop, and the HTML5 publishing capability.  As a designer, you now have many more tools in your toolbox.

But what if you aren’t looking to design or re-design a course, but perhaps just make a few edits to an existing course.  Can you just open up a Studio ’09 course in Studio ‘13, add a missing comma, and be on your way?  Not quite.  There are a few key differences you’ll want to plan for.

1. The Articulate Studio ’13 Player

Studio ’13 has a redesigned player.  Many of the features you already know and love are still there, plus a few extra.  (There are also a few that aren’t there anymore.)  Because of how different the player structure is, you’ll need to re-build your player and color schemes from scratch.  If you have a course tutorial explaining how the interface works, you’ll want to update that accordingly.


2. Engage and Quizmaker in the Menu

In Studio ’13, you have the option of having each Engage interaction item and each Quizmaker quiz question in the menu.  This gives students extreme control over what they can navigate to.  By default, all Engage and Quizmaker files are now set to show this new level of detail.  If you’d like to keep the old settings where the interaction/quiz as a whole is all you see in the menu, you’ll need to go in and change the settings.


3. The Next Button in Engage Interactions

In Studio ’09, the Next button on Engage interaction slides took the student to the next slide in the course.  In Studio ’13, the Next button takes the student through each individual content item in the interaction.  Because of this, you may need to change some of your instructions.

4. Question Feedback

One of the biggest improvements to Quizmaker, in my opinion, is that you have more design flexibility when providing question feedback.  You now have layers that let you use the whole slide instead of just the little gray box, add media, format text, etc.  You can even set up feedback masters to save time.

Because of the new logic, your existing feedback might not work as-is.  For the conversions we’ve done so far, the feedback from the old course doesn’t fit well into the new default feedback design, causing the text to autoshrink down to an unreadable size.  You’ll just need to go into the quizzes and create a new master that fits your feedback or adjust the size of the text box in the default master.

Original Studio ’09 feedback:


Same question when previewed in Studio ‘13:


Feedback redesigned in Studio ‘13:


5. Learning Games

Learning Games have been removed from Studio ’13.  Any of these games will need to be recreated using other means.

If you factor in how to deal with these differences, the conversion will be fairly simple.  Of course, while you are in there, you might as well take advantage of some of the great new tools and features to enhance your course.


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