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Convert Slide Notes Into Closed Caption Text

Adobe Captivate offers the ability to make eLearning courses accessible (508 compliant). By law, ADA and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, state certain accessibility requirements must be addressed when developing learning materials for electronic dissemination. Distance education course materials must be designed and delivered in such a way that the level of course-taking experience is the same for students with or without disabilities.

As a quick side note, you may want read information about accessibility guidelines:

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Captivate has the ability to add slide notes and then convert slide notes into closed caption text. Close captioned text appears on the slide during run time. This could be very helpful to know when building your next course. Below is how to convert slide notes to closed captioned text.

  1. Select Window>Slide Notes
  2. In the Slide Notes panel, click the +icon to add a new slide note
  3. Type the slide notes

Next, convert slides notes to closed-captioned text by using the following:

  1. Select the check boxes in the closed captions column and corresponds to the notes that will be converted to closed captions.
  2. Click Closed Captioning.
  3. Click the + icon to add additional closed captions.
  4. To time a closed caption, click the header of the caption that displays the start and end time, and drag the play head in the audio clip.
  5. Click CC Project Settings to change the font, size, color, background, and the number of lines in which the captions must be displayed.
  6. Enable the display of closed captions in the published projects, go to Project>Skin Editor, and click Closed Captioning.

Finally, test your project. You will notice the ‘CC’ button appears in the play bar. While playing the project, click the ‘CC’ button to view the closed captions.

Stay tuned for my next tip on using Adobe Captivate for 508 compliance.










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