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Conquering Character State Changes in Storyline

When adding a character, either photo-realistic or illustrated, to an eLearning course, one of the main challenges is getting the character interactions to look natural and doing so in a timely fashion. In this webinar, Storyline Expert and Senior Developer at eLearning Brothers, Amber Rodbell walks you through some tips and tricks to help you deal with character interactions in your Storyline projects. She goes through using characters (with fade animations) on the timeline, using characters (without fade) on the timeline, and how to do the same thing, but in the States view instead of the timeline.

She is using Storyline 2, but the skills and concepts she teaches are for the most part transferable to the newer versions (Storyline 3 and 360), as well.

The recording of the webinar is below:

During the webinar, Amber talked about the Storyline Character packs available in the eLearning Brothers Library. Check out the character packs now. We even have one pack in our Free Library here!

Don’t forget to explore the rest of our awesome Storyline assets as well. You’re sure to find something that will give your next project that final polish!


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