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Foster Effective Communication Skills through Customizable Courseware

Foster Effective Communication Skills through Customizable Courseware

Effective communication skills are paramount in any kind of business. You communicate with your boss, your employees, colleagues, and clients. This being the case, an important part of the on-boarding process is fostering an environment of open communication in your workplace, as well as teaching and nurturing communication skills to new team members.

We’ve recently debuted a series of customizable Soft Skills courses in our Customizable Courseware library.

Today we’re featuring the newly-minted Communicating Effectively eLearning course which can go a long way towards helping your newbies do just that.

This new course borrows from the aesthetic of our New Stone line of templates, as you can see from the flat art style, vibrant colors, and sleek sans serif fonts.

Doing it’s own part to communicate effectively, the course opens up by giving the learner a clear indication of what they will learn from the course, which allows them to mentally prepare for what’s to come and give a few mental “landmarks” so they know where they are in the course based on what they’ve learned so far.

A unique Spidergram interaction allows learners the opportunity to differentiate between terms that pertain to good communication and those that inhibit it.

An Ask an Expert interaction gives learners a few different perspectives on what effective communication requires. Different people may have different things to worry about, so it’s important to know what to communicate to who, and how to do so.

communication skills - reading body language

Outward communication is one part of communicating effectively. It’s also important that you’re receiving the correct messages from others. In this course, the learner has the opportunity to test their body language skills, judging facial and body cues to determine what emotion comes across in each picture.

Everything is wrapped up nicely with a quiz covering the whole course, allowing learners to apply their new knowledge and prove to instructors that they are ready to proceed.

For this and other pre-made soft skills courses, built and ready for online or in-the-classroom work, check our Customizable Courseware library today!

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