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eLearning Brothers Ragnar
Late in June over 12,000 people gathered in Northern Utah for the annual Ragnar: Wasatch Back relay race. In case you haven’t heard of Ragnar, it’s a 12-person, 200-ish mile run that lasts over 30 hours.
For the second year in a row, eLearning Brothers selected a 12 person team, packed them into 2 vehicles, and headed for the starting line. After months of training, it was time to put the rubber to the road. (Pun fully intended.) The next 36 hours included blisters, cramps, sleep deprivation, eating gelatinous energy-filled substances, and generous applications of Febreze. It was also filled with amazing team building, personal goals being crushed, cheering, clapping, and an epic finish-line celebration.
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