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As some of you know Team eLB is sponsoring 2 runners in the St George Marathon this year (Brother Andrew and Sister Kim…Shawn’s wife). After many months of training I (Brother Andrew) may not be able to attempt my first marathon.

About 2 weeks ago I went mountain biking up Big Cottonwood canyon on the Wasatch Crest trail. After 2 flat tires and climbing Puke Hill (earning my “downhill time”) I ended up crashing and bringing my summer to a grinding halt. I was going a little fast down a long single track when I hit a slight jump and came down on the side wall of the trail. I came flying off the bike and sliding head first for what seemed forever. When I got up everything seemed fine except that my shoulder burned. When I touched my shoulder I immediately felt my broken collar bone. I was in shock. I’ve crashed many times and never broken anything.

So for the next 2 hours I walked 4 miles down the mountain back to the car. My neighbor Jake had the great honor of trying to drag our bikes down the single track trail. He even got a bug out of my eye around mile 2 and got to drive me down the canyon to the hospital.


Finally after making it to the hospital I got some numbing shots and got to see the first x-rays. The bone was snapped in 2 places and the doc said that it would be about 5-6 weeks to heal. The marathon was 6 weeks from that date.

Collar_Bone_xray1I few days later I went in for surgery and got a nice 3″-4″ titanium plate and 7 screws to hold it all together. Good thing we had already hit our medical deductible with the baby earlier this year. (so the surgery was free)

So, I’ve been out of the office for 2 weeks now and am hoping to be back on Tues. Things are starting to heal slowing but I haven’t been able to train for awhile now. There’s about a 50/50 chance that I’ll be ready by Oct 3rd. Even if my shoulder starts feeling fine I don’t know if it’ll make 26.2 miles. I guess I’ll soon find out. Stay tuned…

PS…in case you were wondering about my bike…it’s fine, nothing broken. I guess in the end that’s what’s really important 🙂

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