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Camtasia course starter

Remember the good old days of the high school group assignment? Each time your teacher announced that the next activity would involve teamwork, part of the class would groan, knowing they’ll get paired with with some slacker who doesn’t pull their own weight. Others would silently rejoice, already planning on how best to divvy up the work load and crafting their dream team before the assignment is even handed out.

Well prepare to feel like one of those young go-getters, because you’re paired with us for the next assignment! The next time you bust out Camtasia, let us give you a hand with our Camtasia course starters. With all the necessary elements already in place, all you have to do is insert your own text and, if necessary, adjust the graphics, characters, or animations to fit your message more closely.

Here’s just a handful of our Camtasia course starters and a some of their capabilities.



The applications to healthcare training in this one are clear. This template comes ready with nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professional characters, settings and a scientifically-inspired, geometric design scheme. You can swap out some characters and graphics. This same layout works well for science and math related courses.

Mission: Possiblemission possible

Everyone loves a good spy flick, so gear up for your mission briefing and explore any subject in style. This course starter can be used for just about any subject, so have fun with it.

Safety safety

The safety course starter is quite versatile as well. The design scheme could be used for a literal safety course, a more casual “Dos and Don’ts” style course, or even swapped around to give it an industrial or warehouse feeling.

Can you think of any other applications these featured course starters could potentially have? Let us know what you would do with them in the comments.

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