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Mountains are some of the Earth’s most majestic natural wonders. Throughout the ages, humankind has sought to reach the pinnacle of these colossal mounds of stone, and the metaphor for climbing mountains teaches us about leadership, overcoming adversity, respect of the elements outside of our control, and how we seek to do only what is within our power. It’s not uncommon for these principles to be taught inside of an eLearning course, and this Articulate Storyline course starter is the perfect place to set up a base camp for these ideas.

Title Screen

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Mountain Ascent is a rugged-looking theme with a durable carbon fiber feel. There are mountain climbing scenes interspersed throughout to help you maintain the sense of journey and discovery as you go. There are also ropes, tents, and other visuals to help keep the adventurous aesthetic.

Generic Slide

As with all of our course starters, Mountain Ascent comes with a backpack full of all the templates you’ll need to get going on an eLearning course. There are a number of different slide layouts for content pages, containing columned text, text with images, and different text and image transitions to choose from. There is a tabbed interaction, a drag and drop activity, a conversation scenario, and a quiz template to give you a few ways to engage your learners. Additional layouts are available as well.

Tent Dragger

Course starters are a great way to get your content climbing up the mountainside in no time. All eLearning Brothers templates give you the flexibility to make changes to any part or parts of our design that you could want. We even give you all of the source files so you can make changes to skins, images, and logos as you desire. However you choose to make it, you’ll be sure to hoist your banner successfully at the summit.

These and all of the other Articulate Storyline course starters are available as a part of our Template Library subscription. Take this opportunity to look through them and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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