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Ho ho ho! Have you boys and girls been good this year? Well have we got an early Christmas treat for you!

At the end of a particularly taxing eLearning session, nothing makes a better stocking stuffer than a good Flash game. And not just any Flash game, but a cool (pun absolutely intended), winter-themed Flash game with customizable graphics and sounds!

Our free library has two Christmas-tastic Flash games for you and your kin to play while you celebrate an eLearning job well-done.

snowball gingerbread

Snowball follows the exploits of a lone gingerbread man as he defends the homestead against an onslaught of angry snowmen using the only method he knows: hurling snowballs at them so hard they cease to exist. Can you last until the clock ticks down to zero?

reindeer rocket

Reindeer’s Revenge has a similar gameplay, but this time, you must fend off a herd of feral reindeer as they charge stoically into your path. Your only weapon is an endless supply of candy-cane missiles. Choose from 7 different playable characters, including a teddy bear, a Christmas rocket, or even Santa himself.

The best part about both of these games, is your complete control over the style and look of the game. We give you the source files, so feel free to re-skin the entire thing. It doesn’t even have to be Christmas-themed. With a little Flash skill, you could turn it into a turtle throwing nunchucks at charging rabbits if you so desired.

Grab yourself a free account and and celebrate Christmas in July with these eLearning games today! Let us know your high scores in the comments below!

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