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Every day we’re faced with choices. Do I wear the blue tie or the brown one? What breakfast cereal should I eat? And sometimes even more difficult and important ones than that. Do I file this as a health code violation? Was this a case of sexual harassment that should be reported? Choices can be tough at times, and while we all wish they were along the lines of the former scenario, they can often be the latter. How can you be sure if the choices you’re making are the correct ones?

That’s where eLearning (and our eLearning templates) can help! In any sort of training scenario, role playing can go a long way to instruct individuals on the best actions to take when times get tough. We’ve chosen to highlight these four Lectora scenario templates that can help shape your next training course down the right path!

Vintage Radio

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This news bulletin just in: telling a story can be a great way to have your learners synthesize a concept! Have them decide whether or not the story shows a good example or a poor one and give them feedback accordingly. Pretty soon, they’ll be able to dial in to the good choices they can make in a given scenario.

Color Shape 01

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It may be that you just want to have a more simple look to your scenario that has no theme and creates little distraction from your content. Color Shape o1 is an easy choice to make. With its blue tones and angular shapes, this template is a great option to make the most out of your scenario.

Conference Room 02

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But sometimes it’s nice to have a face or two to help set up the scene. Conference Room 02 is just one of many options you can use to place your learners in that face to face situation.


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This Executive scenario template takes to a slightly different perspective than some of our other conversation scenarios. Instead of a face to face interaction, this scene happens to an individual who is texting on his phone. We’ve set it up to look just as you might expect to see it happen on a device and can provide another interesting perspective to your role playing.

Whatever you decide on, you can rest assured that the templates are a perfect fit. Change text, backgrounds, cutouts, and more to get it just the way you want it. With over 50 different scenarios to choose from, all of which come included in the purchase of Lectora Inspire, you can’t go wrong. Every choice will be a good one!

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