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The whole office and families enjoyed a summer party filled with great food and great company. The Brothers (Andrew and Shawn) hold a summer party every year. They rent out a city pool for the night and invite all the eLearning family. One of the huge milestones we experienced was being a company for a full five years. It’s gone so fast! We took advantage of all the orange shirts and took a picture with the whole crew. What an incredible five years so far. Wonder what the next five years will bring!

The Bro-BQ

The Brothers know how to BBQ. Take a look how intense the cooking got! Every sausage got exactly the right amount of smokey heat.


The Brothers Speech

While we ate our Bro-BQ, the Brothers grabbed a microphone and told us how grateful they were of all the hard work we have been doing. Taking a moment to reminisce, Shawn reminded how the company started from humble beginnings and how much we have grown every year. I didn’t see any tears fall, but I think everyone was choked up inside.


Renting Out the City Pool

It was a beautiful summer night as we slid down the slide, sat in the hot tub, played water basketball, did a diving contest, relaxed in the pool.

Pool pool2

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